Snotface Stinkbum is turning 4

Soon…. In about 3 weeks actually….

This means PANIC STATIONS for me – who, after 8 weeks of unemployment (thanks, Campbell! *insert pic of me thumbing my nose*), is returning to full time work on Monday.  Yay for bills being paid, but it will ruin my caramel-latte-after-wandering-the-shopping-centre addiction.  It also puts a major spanner in the birthday party works.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get some time off on the Friday before the party (being a new job and all), which will equal at least one irrational meltdown (from me) on cake making evening, which will lead to Hairy sending me to bed before I’ve completed ALL the items on my super organised list, which will then lead to me being up early in the morning fussing, prepping, packing, sorting so that I can be ready for the party 3 hours before it starts.  What, doesn’t everyone do that?

Now, I had this bright idea (actually, I had a few of them –more to come) to have Snot’s party at the local aquatic centre – complete with slides, kiddy pool, and those mushroom shower things – mainly so that I don’t have to do anything organise any party games.  This has created some logistical issues.  Everything has to be carted in (and out), in eskies.  This will take some careful menu planning and Tupperware selecting.  The cake has to be kept on ice, otherwise it will end up all kinds of melty (North Queensland summer and buttercream – a friendship that only stays together with refridgeration).  This leads me to bright idea #2

Giving Snot the cake books to look through and choose his cake! *facepalm*

He chose a castle, he chose a completely-made-from-fondant dog, he chose the rocket ship he had last year, he chose an icecream cake!  I eventually steered him towards a boat – fits with the ‘water’ theme, will fit in my Tupperware cake container (which will fit in the esky) and can be made from store-bought sponge cake – winnah!

“and I want it to have fishies like the picture, and my name on it too, Mummy”

Of course, my precious darling, it is your birthday after all…..

Cue Mummy spending her last week of freedom unemployment searching every department store, grocery store, $2 shop and toy shop for fish to place in the ocean, and those little sugar letters that you used to be able to buy in the cake decorating supply section of your local grocery store.  NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally found some plastic sea animals in a pack for $1 – a shark, a dolphin and a stingray are fish, right??  Sugar letters are still elusive (even on the interwebz for less than the cost of my left arm), so I may be forced to use my mad piping skillz…… you’ll be in awe….

Stay tuned for bright idea #3 – the party bags!

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